Fathers And Sprogs vs. Temple Grafton

14:00, Monday, July 9, 2018
Temple Grafton

Temple Grafton (282/7 in 35 6-ball overs)
Fathers And Sprogs (210/6 in 33 6-ball overs)
did not reach a result.

Report by Daniel Mortlock:

Following on from yesterday's run fest at Blockley, it was more of the same today, in what ended up being (the fourth highest scoring FAS game), meaning that two of the top four entries on that slightly baroque table have come in two days.

We were on the receiving end this time, as Temple Grafton racked up 282/7 before declaring after 35 overs. The only bowler to go for less than a run a ball was James Wyatt, who took 0/21 from his 4 overs, and so perhaps could have sent down a few more. The only multiple wicket-taker was Jamie Dare, but his figures of 2/43 from 4 overs was clearly a rather mixed return.

Given that FAS were pretty clearly not going to face as many overs, there was no realistic hope of a full-on chase, but we certainly retained respectability as the Reynoldses (Toby 53 off 43 balls, Tom "Devon" 45 off 29 balls and Nigel 24* off 31 balls) and the Dares (Joss 31 off 51 balls and Jamie 16* off 22 balls) all did well. 210/6 off 33 overs is pretty good going, but meant we finished up 72 runs short of the nominal target in what would have been a beatifully poised game had it been allowed to continue.

Fathers And Sprogs vs. Fladbury

14:30, Monday, July 9, 2018

Fathers And Sprogs (234/5 in 35 6-ball overs)
Fladbury (157/7 in 35 6-ball overs)
by 77 runs.

Report by Daniel Mortlock:

FAS eased to a boringly comfortable victory over Fladbury today, primarily on the strength of our top-order batting. Big Jim (80 off 68 balls) and Tom Hall (77 off 80 balls) put on 140 for first wicket, after which more than able support came from Rufus Dennis (30 off 26 balls) and Harry Houlder (23* off 17 balls). A little late-innings collapse meant that our scoring slowed a bit, but in a 35-over game 234/5 felt like a winning total . . .

. . . especially when it was revealed that Flabury were without some of the stronger batsmen. They were never able to score at anything close to the required rate, and the wickets were shared around, with seamers Daniel Mortlock (1/15), Joe White (1/32) and Ben Kittow (1/32) all doing well and spinners Harry Houlder (2/25), Sasha Barras (2/31) doing even better.